Harrison Sturgill

Professional Songwriter

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA hsturgi@ncsu.edu

Career Goals

My career goal is to be a professional songwriter. I want to be able to write/perform songs for a living and be able to be finically supported by it. With this career I will be able to employ myself independently and establish my own business. By taking my primary passion and turning it into a profitable career, I will be able to establish brands in other fields such as fashion, film, and non-profts.


Work Experience

Time Name Location postition Title responsiablities Contact Info
4 Years (2017-2020) YMCA/Ballantyne Arts Center 11318 N Community House Rd Teacher Assistant To help teachers,oversee children, and comunicate with parents 704-716-4600


Time School Location Major/Degree Earned Minor
2014-2018 Adrey Kell High School Charlotte NC High School Diploma
2018-2020 Central Piedmont Community College Chalotte NC Associate Degree
2020-2022 North Carolina State University Raleigh English Business


  • Had an article done about my music-2021
  • Deans list 2018-2020


  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Working out
  • Reading
  • Music


  • Brittney Jolley- brittney.jolley@ymcacharlotte.org